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Welcome to RentoGPT!

I need a studio near the 37th St. Bus Stop, Giant Eagle Grocery Store, and LA Fitness.

Sure! These are some places that fit your criteria.

The Rise

Student Housing

100 7th St, 15217

$800 - $1200

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The Mirage

Student Housing

24 Elm St, 15217

$1300 - $1500

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Our Vision

An AI Assistant for House Hunting

RentoGPT takes your preferences and will search homes and schedule tours for you.


Type in what you're looking for and watch RentoGPT find the best listings for you.

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Contacting realtors for tours takes time. Let RentoGPT do that for you.

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Afraid of scams? Let RentoGPT look things over once to make sure everything's okay.

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Step 1

Enter your preferences.

You can share advanced preferences and location criteria to RentoGPT, like wanting to be near specific bus stops or grocery stores, and RentoGPT will find the best listings for you.

RentoGPT can find apartments near specific bus stops or subway stops to shorten your commute.
Any specific grocery stores, gyms, or restuarants you want to be near? Let RentoGPT know and it'll pinpoint the perfect place.
Budget, Bedrooms, Heated Swimming Pools, and In-House Gyms. Tell it to RentoGPT and it'll return listings that check all the boxes.

I'm looking for a 1 bedroom apartment close to a bus stop 5 minutes from Carnegie Mellon, and it should be near an Indian Grocery store and LA Fitness!

Certainly! I'll find an apartments that fit those location criteria. Can you also tell me your budget?

Sure, it's $800 a month!

Got it, I checked Carnegie Mellon's Student Housing page and other big rental websites and found these listings for you!

Step 2

View the listings.

RentoGPT scours the web to find the perfect listings that match your preferences. It uses the following sources:

Rental Websites
University Housing Websites
Property Owner Websites

The Rise

CMU Off Campus Housing
100 7th St, Pittsburgh, 15217 Dog & Cat Friendly, Fitness Center, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Kitchen, In Unit Washer & Dryer, Walk-In Closets, Balcony $800 - $1200

The Mirage

CMU Off Campus Housing
24 Elm St, Shadyside, 15217 Heated Swimming Pool, Designated Parking, In Unit Washer & Dryer, Rec Center, Dog & Cat Friendly $1300 - $1500

Step 3

Let RentoGPT Schedule Tours

Messaging realtors to schedule tours takes time. Let RentoGPT do that for you. You'll get a virtual tour slot sent to your email.

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